Managed Investments

Cutting-Edge Strategies to Earn Profits

Our Mission

It is the primary goal of Martin Northern Strategies to create and maintain strict risk management practices in accordance with its operations mandate in order to ensure capital preservation as well as responsible growth. Trading, through a means of diversification and significant volume Martin Northern Strategies aims to exert it’s edge consistently in the Forex Exchange and Gold market.

Our Strategy

Using multiple strategies based on the principals of break-out price action, momentum and volatility trading is conducted using a limited cost averaging feature to obtain better efficiency of involved trades. Full and partial positions stop outs are exercised in addition to risk being manual monitored by a dedicated risk manager. We trade all major FX pairs, cross pairs and gold.


Maximum Peak-to-Valley DD: 15% (Positions will be partially closed to keep DD below 15%) Maximum Monthly DD: 10 % (Positions will be closed, and trading halted until following month.)


Maximum Leverage: 15:1

(Positions will be partially closed to maintain leverage below 15:1)

Use of Leverage (Working): 10:1

Monthly Expectations

Monthly Expectations: 2.0 – 5.0%

Expectancy Pip per Trade: 3 – 5 pips

Profit Factor: > 1.25

Trade Frequency: > 100

Trades Weekly Average Holding Time: < 20 Hours


Investors can change risk settings on trading operations exercised on their accounts to customize risk appetite. On the Spotex platform this can be done using a multiplication of the standard risk between 0.1 and 4.0.


Accounts over $100,000 USD can be run on an MT4 platform with trade mirroring on our provided dedicated servers. Accounts below $100,000 USD are run through MEX Australia Spotex platform.


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