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Our Different Funded Trader Programs

Traders with a profitable 6 month track record may be eligible to skip our evaluation phase and start trading $5,000 to $25,000 USD live today

Trade up to $1,200,000 of our Money!

0% Personal Capital Risk
100% Funded Accounts
50 to 80% Profit Split
15% Growth Target

Funded Trader

A trader who had completed with success the trading evaluation stage, and currently trading for Martin Northern Strategies.

Account Monitoring

All accounts that Martin Northern Strategies issues run a program that will disable trading and change the master password of the account if the account rules are broken.


The trader is in control of the trading account assigned to them by Martin Northern Strategies however the owner is Martin Northern Strategies and it is the trader’s privilege to trade these account while strictly adhering to the rules.

Registration Fee

Is a fee traders are asked to pay for the privilege to be entered into the funded trader program by Martin Northern Strategies. Ensuring the chance to become a profession trader and benefit from the firm’s capital through profit splitting.

Evaluation Account

Is a demonstration account connected to Martin Northern Strategies live custom price feed. Traders must successfully meet all the requirements in order to pass this test and be given the firm’s capital to trade.

Profit Splitting

A trader is entitled to a share of the profits earned on their assigned trading account. This will be paid out monthly within the first two weeks of the month regardless of what stage of the program they are in once passing the evaluation stage.


Our trading policy is a trader must apply in his or hers trading activity in order to qualify for a funded account with Martin Northern Strategies.

Account Promotion

Once a trader becomes an official funded Trader for Martin Northern Strategies, the fund may promote the trader’s account using the specified promotion scheme

Become a Funded Trader

Leave the office life, the hassles and headaches of the classic nine to five job behind to join the big force of forex trading. In the funded trader program you will have the leverage and flexibility to be a truly autonomous and self-structured trader. This meaning working remotely from home or traveling around the world are feasible options you will have while trading whenever and wherever you like. Leave the stress of the office behind and start managing your future through forex.

Any Strategy That Works

Martin Northern Strategies supports any chosen trading strategy you use and apply as long as you can prove to be profitable. Join the driven traders worldwide that are accelerating their growth with us and know that our program is open to a diverse range of strategies.

Martin Northern Strategies becomes stronger through diversification and encourages every step of the way your success since it will create our success.

Trade for a living

Our capital funding team offers a unique opportunity for dedicated and experienced Forex traders to reach new heights with our professional program. Trade with our fund’s capital, never yours, and see opportunities unfold and revenue grow.

Achieve your goals

Got the strategy and consistently to be a successful trader? We’ve got the capital to ensure you become a professional and accelerate your growth, so all your potential can be leveraged for financial growth and portfolio management.

Don’t Risk Your Own Money!

If you are a consistent profitable trader, you should not have to risk your own money. Martin Northern Strategies welcomes you to trade the company’s money as an independent contractor building our business relationship as a team. Once we find your skills suitable, we will ask you to manage a live trading account, funded our funds and trading technology we will never ask you to deposit so much as a dollar of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure drawdown on traders accounts?

Peak balance minus the current equity (example $10,600 is the peak balance and account equity is $10,400 therefore the drawdown is $200)

Can I request my profit split?

There is no need to request a profit split as we split the profits from accounts each month after traders pass the funded trader step. The payment will take place less than two weeks after the last day of the previous month.

What trading platform does Martin Northern Strategies use?

We use the Metatrader 4 platform with our broker MEX Australia

Who is the legal owner of the trading account I am trading on?

Martin Northern strategies is the sole owner of all account’s traders are assigned accounts for the limited propose of trading as a contractor.

Do I need a certification to trade for Martin Northern Strategies?

No, you don’t just a good attitude and a plan to succeed. Working for us is official a contractor role but remember you are responsible for paying the taxes on your share of profits as required in your location.

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